Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka

1auk/r Palisades, Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka, wool and sisal, 55" x 70", 1992, $24,000

Anna Urbanowicz-Krowacka

Education and experience:
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. From 1957 to 1963, on the painting (Professor A. Nacht-Samborski’s studio) and tapestry (Professor A. Sledziewska’s studio) faculties.

Selected exhibitions:
Gallery of Comrades & Friends of Fine Art, Warsaw, Poland; Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland (V Triennial of Textiles); Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark; Moscow, Odessa, Russia (70 Years of Polish Textile Artistry); Museum of Art, Morelia Museum of Contemporary Art; Bureau of Artists Exhibitions, Koszalin, Poland; Institute of Polish Culture, London, England; Jacques Baruch Gallery, Chicago, Illinois (New Concepts in Tapestries, Tapestries & Wallhangings from Poland and Six Artists: Tapestries & Wallhangings); Canongate Talbooth Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland; New Harmony Gallery of Art Southern Indiana University, Harmony, Indiana (A Taste of Fiber: The Polish Experience, curated by Christa C. Thurman); Bank of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland; Chateau Coppet, Geneva, Switzerland.

Selected collections:
National Museum, Warsaw, Poland; Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland; Polish Military Museum, Warsaw, Poland; Museum of Art, Gdynia, Poland; Bank of Ireland Gallery, Dublin, Ireland; Jan Kochanowski, Museum, Czarnolas, Poland.

Main Prize, Quadrennial of Art, Erfurt, Germany; Festival of Art, Warsaw, Poland; President’s Prize, City of Gdynia, Poland.

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