tapestry portraits

9-12as Waiting 1-4, Alexsandra Stoyanov
weaving and pencil drawing on cotton fabric, sisal, cotton fabric
110.25” x 33” each, 2012, $16,000 each

Aleksandra Stoyanov

9as Reflection, Aleksandra Stoyanov, wool, plexiglas, 8” x 8.125” x 3.375, 2004, $3,800

sasha stoyanov

5as Judges, Aleksandra Stoyanov, wool, sisal, 91" x 60", 1998, $48,000

stoyanov tapestry

2as From Chaos to Reality, Aleksandra Stoyanov, 103" x 101", 2003, $32,000

Aleksandra Stoyanov, woven tapestry Monologue

6as Monologue, Aleksandra Stoyanov , wool, sisal, sillk, cotton threads, 80.3” x 196.8”, 2010, $100,000

sasha stoyanov

3as Personal Space, Aleksandra Stoyanov, wool, linen, silk, 5.25' x 17.39'; 160cm x 530cm, 2004, $60,000

Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Tefen Open Museum, Israel (solo exhibition); Contemporary 108 in Tulsa, Oklahoma;  (solo exhibition); Tokyo, Japan (Contemporary Israeli Craft); North Carolina (Textiles: Tradition and Innovation); Kyoto, Japan (6th International Textile Competition); Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland (10th International Triennial of Tapestry); St. Louis, Missouri (Material Culture: Craft of Israel); Maria and Michael Zetlin Museum of Russian Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel (About Chairs, Tables and other creatures, solo exhibition). Recipient: Prize for Design, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports. Studied at the National Institute for Applied Decorative Arts, Lvov, Ukraine.


4as FORWORD, Aleksandra Stoyanov, brown paper and thread, , 106.5" x 45.5", SOLD

Israel has two sides, from one it is a land, a country we are living with its contradictions, war, problems, beauty...From the other it is the Holy Land, promised and given by God. The work reflects the Holy Land, shining in the golden light. When I keep threads in my hands I feel that they are ground, the grass, that there is a life in them. The feeling of thread in my hands is the first appeal for me to begin working on a new piece."

Aleksandra Stoyanov

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