Lija Rage

4lr Beginning, Lija Rage, bamboo, copper wire, fabric, 46.25” x 39.5” x 1.25” 2019, $6,000

Lija Rage

2lr Animal, Lija Rage, silk, metal thread and flax, 46" x 65", 2006, $9,000

Lija Rage

1lr Black Square, Lija Rage, painted wooden sticks, wire, glue and fabric, 14" x 14" x 1", 2009, $1,000

Lija Rage

1lr Black Square, Lija Rage,detail

Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Decorative + Applied Art Museum, Riga, Latvia; Contemporary Art Museum, Liege, Belgium; Cheongju, Korea (Cheongju International Craft Biennial); Artist Union of Latvia Art Collection, Riga; Art Museum of Oulu, Finland; Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester, England (Cloth & Culture NOW, traveling exhibition); Exhibition Hall Arsenals, State Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia (European Textile Art Exhibition); Beauvais, France (4th International Textile Art Biennial); Artist Union Gallery Riga Latvia (solo exhibition), ; Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia (Tallinn Applied Arts Triennial); Riga Gallery, Latvia (solo exhibition); Kaunas, Lithuania (International Textile Art Exhibition); UNESCO Exhibition Hall, Paris, France. Private collections in Latvia, France, Germany, US, Australia, Sweden and Russia.

Recipient: Foundation Valparaiso Grant; Special Prize, 5th Cheongju International Craft Biennial; Grand prix, Baltic Applied Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia.

Lija Rage

3lr Home, Lija Rage, mixed media, wooden sticks, linen and copper, 75" x 118", Sold

At the beginning of my creative activity I worked in various theatres in Riga, Latvia as a costume designer and in parallel studied textile art. After working for the theatre for 15 years and realizing costumes and stage design for about 60 performances, I wanted to create individual works.

I am influenced by different cultures. I plunge into them with the help of literature. I am particularly interested in drawings of ancient cultures on the walls of caves in different parts of world; Eastern culture with its mysterious magic, drawings of runes in Scandinavia, Tibet and the mandala, Egyptian pyramid drawings. The world culture seems close and colorful to me due to its diversity.

I regularly participate in Latvian, Baltic and international competitions and exhibitions. In recent years, I have been primarily interested in fiber arts opportunities. I use a variety of mainly natural materials. In parallel with my individual projects, I have spent many years creating classic tapestries in collaboration with the Swedish gallery Axis

Currently, I am interested in New technologies and their use in Contemporary fiber art. Textile and fiber art for me are types of modern art that use fiber as their medium. It is the type of art that borders the four fine arts types with the same high requirements and tasks. I believe in its development in the modern world.

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