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Dani Marti
Born: 1963, Barcelona, Spain

Dani Martu
8dm Beige ( after David, Glasgow), Randy Walker
polypropylene and nylon, 73" x 102.5" x 5", 2008, $65,000
Dani Marti
6dm One Breath Below Consciousness
white polyester and nylon , and soil, 94.5" x 78.75" X 4", 2008, $33,000
dani marti
7dm David, Dani Marti, Dani Marti
polypropylen, nylon and polyester on wood, 43.25" x 55", 2000,
Dani Marti 3dm
UN MUCHACHO (take 1)

Dani Marti
and nylon
2m x 2m
6.5' x 6.5', 2005
"Dani Marti's recent series, 'The Seven Pleasures of Snow White', presented last February at the Sherman Galleries in Sydney, consists of immaculate woven patterns of ropes, which nonetheless suggest underlying tensions. Similar to earlier pieces such as Looking for Felix (2000), Linda (2001), Variations in a Serious Black Dress #3 (Alba gently lays down) (2002) and The Last Sins of St. Francis: Scarring the Flesh-Episode 5 (2003-4), these allegorical and apparently minimalist 'paintings' are executed in a clean, meticulous and obsessive manner. The baroque fold – in this case hundreds of ropes and cables which fold and unfold endlessly, towards infinity – conforms with horror vacui, every orifice being formally and conceptually
filled by the artist; and vanitas, a reminder of the transitory nature of life. The works exemplify a passionate labyrinth where the intricate relationships between the body, eroticism, and power are questioned, reflecting the social, political and philosophical crises of our time."

"From Heaven and Hell," Paco Barragán, Contemporary, Issue 86, October 2006, pp. 58-59.
Dani Marti 4dm

Dani Marti, polypropylene and nylon
2m x 2m
6.5’ x 6.5’, 2005
Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Citric Gallery, Brescia, Italy (Dark Bones); Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Australia (Variations in a Serious Black Dress, traveling exhibition); The Esplanade, Singapore (Orifices); Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia; Residence Gallery, London, UK (POST); The Studio Festival, Glasgow, Scotland (Braveheart); La Capella, Barcelona, Spain (Jámon); National Gallery of Canberra, Australia (Home Sweet Home: Selections from the Peter Fay Collection); Museum of Brisbane, Australia (A man’s world); Breenspace, Sydney , Australia (One Breath Below Consciousness); the University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane (Repeat That Again!); Glasgow international Festival of Contemporary Art, Scotland (In Transit).
Residency, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland; Residency, Newcastle Regional Gallery, Australia; Grant, Australia Council for the Arts.
Dani Marti
5dm Give a Bit of Hmm to Me, Dani Marti
nylon, polyester, gold thread, brass chains, metal braids, Swarovski glass on wood
84” x 169”, $54,000 (includes DVD), ‘MSDEBS’, 2007, DVD/Video
My practice is stimulated by what I perceive as challenges within the act of portrayal. I am fascinated by what lies behind the surface of the subject as an essence to be grasped or sought after through attempting to represent it. The dialectic between the possibility and simultaneous hopelessness of
this endeavour emerges in the abstraction of large-scale woven works, and videos that borrow from the language of documentary. The formal polarity that exists between these ways of working is the terrain on which I am able to examine how in approaching the physical and mediated surface of
information, alternate readings may be generated by the viewer.
Dani Marti: In July 2007
Dani Marti talked about his work on ABC Australia's Sunday Arts program:

Dani Marti Video

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