Marianne Kemp

7mk Crossing Strokes, Marianne Kemp
cotton, horsehair, meranti wooden frame
, 31.5" x 31.5” x 2.5”, 2020, $5,000

Marianne Kemp

8mk Drifting Dialogues, Marianne Kemp, horsebarn, cotton, linen, 45"x 42" x 3.5", 2018 $8,800

Marianne Kemp Colorful Horsehair weaving

5mk Vibrant Conversation, Marianne Kemp, horsehair, cotton, linen, 49” x 70” x 6 “, 2018, $9,000

Marianne Kemp

6mk Togetherasone, Marianne Kemp
horsehair, linen, cotton, wooden frame, 31” x 15” x 2”, 2014

Red Fody Marianne Fody

2mk Red Fody, Marianne Kemp, cotton, horsehair, acrylic, 56” x 19” x 8”, 2013, $2,400

Raggiana Marianne Kemp

Selected exhibition venues:
The Leiden Weavers House, the Netherlands (Knotted, curled, starched and confused); Baden Baden Interior, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Toonkamer, Utrecht, the Netherlands; The Glass House, Amstel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Hotel Artemis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Fairy Tale Dutch Design); Antigravity Paris, France; Konvex, Bern, Switzerland (North Meets South); Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK; Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy; BK Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (solo exhibition); Du-AG project space. Munich, Germany; Textiles Biennial Stroud, UK. Recipient: First Prize, Millennium Table Damask, Dutch Textiles Museum, Tilburg, the Netherlands; VSB-grant, Vrije Vrouwe van Renswoude Foundation, the Hague, the Netherlands. Education: MA, Design for the Environment, Textile Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK; BA, Textile Design, Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, the Netherlands.

Marianne Kemp Red Fody Detail

Marianne Kemp of the Netherlands uses unconventional weaving techniques to create works of character that combine texture, color and movement. She specializes in weaving with horsehair. Her exclusive fabric designs feature serene recurring patterns that create an inner stillness. Other work is extroverted and playful and reflects exuberant cheerfulness. With Kemp’s work, one wants not only to see each piece but also to touch it. Kemp has collaborated with designers from different disciplines to develop new patterns and textures into woven textiles, three-dimensional objects and installations. Her woven upholstery fabric is also available as The Marianne Kemp range, mechanically woven at John Boyd Textiles, UK.