Ferne Jacobs Waterfall

Ferne Jacobs, Waterfall, coiled and twined linen thread, 95" × 26" × 4”, 2019, $75,000

Ferne Jacobs

4fj Open Globe, Ferne Jacobs, coiled and twined wax linen thread, 13” x 13”, 2001, $20,000

Ferne Jacobs

5fj Blue Wave, Ferne Jacobs, coiled and twined waxed linen thread, 19” x 17.5” x 6”, 1994, $35,000

Ferne Jacobs

3fj Interior Passages, Ferne Jacobs,
coiled and twined waxed linen thread
, 54” x 16” x 4”, 2017, $Call

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Selected exhibitions:
Ferne Jacobs began as a painter, exploring the possibilities of three-dimensional painting in the mid-1960s, and then moving on to weaving. She attended workshops by such avant-garde fiber artists as Arline Fisch and Olga de Amaral. By 1970, she started to make three-dimensional fiber pieces. After the Museum of Arts & Design exhibition Sculpture in Fabric (1972), Jacobs gained national attention for her work and many collectors became interested in her pieces. In addition to her artwork, which is in many prominent collections, Jacobs has taught and lectured on fiber arts and design since 1972.
Education: 1960-63, Art Center College of Design; 1964-65, Pratt Institute; M.F.A., Claremont Graduate School, 1976

"My commitment grows out of a fascination that thread can be made solid, that by using only my hands and the thread, a form can be made that will physically stand on its own. I see myself as a link in bringing an ancient way of being into my own time, and helping nurture it into the future."
- Flintridge Foundation

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