Carole Fréve

5cf Knitted incalmo II (Double Green), Carole Frève, blown and kiln cast glass, knitted and electroformed copper, 26.5” x 9” x 21”, 2010, $4,200

Carole Freve

4cf Life had turned around, Carole Freve, brown and kiln-cast glass, copper, 5" x 20" x 9", 2015, $2,300

Carole Freve

2cf Open Up to You, Carole Frève
blown and kiln cast glass electroformed copper knitting, 10.5” x 17” x 7”, 2015, $3,200

Carole Freve

3cf Entrevoir (to catch a glimpse), (double cylinder), Carole Frève
blown and cast glass, electroformed copper knitting, hand made beads, 13" x 17" x 6" , 2015, $3,200

Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Arts, New Jersey (20/20 Vision; permanent collection); Canadian Embassy, Berlin (permanent collection); Speed Museum, Louisville, Kentucky (Adele and Leonard Leight collection); Collection Loto Québec, Montreal, Canada; Glass Inspiration, Burgdorf, Switzerland; National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Canadian Glass Art); Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri (The Voice of Kiln-Formed Glass, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Curator); Corning Gallery, New York (Contemporary Quebec Glass); Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada; Galerie des métiers d’art, Montreal, Canada (Dialogues between shapes and materials); Bender Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina (Veiled Memories, solo exhibition): Elena Lee Gallery, Montreal, Canada (Nostalgia, solo exhibition); Musée Régional de Vaudreuil-Soulange, Quebec, Canada. Recipient: Creation
Quebec Council for the Arts; Selected entry: Jutta Cuny- Franz memorial award; Research/Travel/Creation/Production Grants:
Canada Council for the Arts; Inclusion: New Glass Review 24, 26.

Each piece is a reflection of my emotions, intuition, recolle. I also seek to evoke the passage of time leaving its mark upon my works and memories. A container is extremely significant to holds life, breath. From 1995 till 1999 I worked with industrial wire nettings. I felt limited by these materials, and so I began to knit the wire. More or less at the same moment I began to explore the technique of the electroformed copper. In 2000, I had this idea of electroformed my copper knitting to stiffen them and so to obtain three dimensions. Since I explored several combinations of techniques to develop a personal artistic language.

Each piece is a reflection of my emotions, intuition, recollections and questions.