MarMicheline Beauchemin Gold weaving

5mb Gold Laugh, Micheline Beauchemin, metallic and acrylic thread, cotton, 25.25” x 21.25” x 2.25”, 1980-85 $3,800

Micheline Beauchemin

1mb Totem aux Millefleurs Bleues, Micheline Beauchemin
wool, 84" x 42", 1980

Micheline Beauchemin

2mb Homage au Fleuve St Laurence, Micheline Beauchemin, metallic thread - cotton core wrapped with colored metallic thread, 75” x 27” x 3.5”, 1972-1978, $15,000

Micheline Beauchemin Detail

Micheline Beauchemin has created a repertory of various works which includes theatre curtains, tapestries, wall hangings, embroidery murals, flexible walls, stained glass works, scale models, collages, toys, costumes and illustrations.

Selected exhibition venues:
Place des Arts, Montréal, Canada; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Chartres, France; National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada; Brussels World’s Fair, Brussels, Belgium, (Canadian pavilion); Barbican Centre, London, UK; Canada House, Cité University, Paris, France; National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada; Lausanne, Switzerland (10th Biennial of International Tapestry); World’s Fair, Osaka, Japan (Canadian pavilion).

Permanent collections and installations:

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada; the  Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada; the Musée du Québec, Canada; Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada; the Canada Council, Ottawa; the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau; the Bibliothèque centrale, Quebec, Canada; the Taxation Data Centre, Shawinigan, Canada; the Revenue Building, Québec, Canada; North York City Hall, Toronto, Canada and the collections of corporations in Montréal, Canada, Winnipeg, Canada, San Francisco, US and Tokyo, Japan.

Canadian Centennial Silver Medal; Officer of the Order of Canada; the Medal of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada; the Saidye-Bronfman Award for Excellence in Fine Crafts; Knight of the National Order of Quebec; Prix Paul-Émile Borduas; Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Micheline Beauchemin Detail

Micheline Beauchemin began her career making stained-glass windows but early on turned to weaving and embroidering spectacular wall hangings in vibrant colors, including blues and greens. travelled and studied in Japan, China, India, North Africa, the Canadian Arctic and the Andes, adding depth and mystery to the love of light, water, wings and nets that is evident in her body of work (The Canadian Encyclopedia).

“I am possessed by color; I love the light of silk, the warmth of wool and all the voluptuous beauty of fabrics. I do not seek to represent the forest, pure joy or fear; but I want my tapestries to be the forest, pure joy or fear ." Micheline Beauchemin, 1960

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