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Awards, etc.

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    Dominic DiMare (1999) Trophy private collection
  • Gold Medal-picture-2
    Sheila Hicks (1997) BAS RELIEF, 1966 private collection
  • Gold Medal-picture-3
    Ed Rossbach (1990) 28r AFTER MIRO, jute and horsehair, 65" x 44", 1970, $7,000
  • Gold Medal-picture-4
    Kay Sekimachi (2002) OGAWA II private collection
  • Gold Medal-picture-5
    Lenore Tawney (1987) 62t DRAWING IN AIR #12, 55" x 14" x 14", 1997 sold as set with Drawing (Flower) $30,000
  • Gold Medal-picture-6
    Katherine Westphal (2009) (Fiber/Mixed Media) 47w THE PUZZLE OF FLOATING WORLD #2, transfer print on cotton, 85" x 68", 1976, $15,000

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    Adela Akers (2008) 8aa COMPOSTELA, sisal, linen and wool, 60" x 180" x 6", 1985, $25,000
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-2
    Dorothy Gill Barnes (1999) MILLCREEK WILLOW private collection
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-3
    Chunghi Choo (1997) (Fiber/Metal) 5cc PURPLE AND GOLD EGG, wire mesh, 12" x 12" x 10", 1993, $2,100
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-4
    Lia Cook (1997) 22lc TRANSLUCENCE, rayon, 56" x 40", 1978, $35,000
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-5
    John Garrett (2010) BETWEEN STEPS private collection
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-6
    Helena Hernmarck (1996) TWO TICKETS private collection
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-7
    Glen Kaufman (1988) BROKEN CITY: KYOTO/JOFUKUJI, Jacquard woven silk, silver leaf, screenprint, impressed metal leaf, 25" x 30" x 1", 1992, CALL
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    Gyongy Laky (2008) AND TOO MUCH APPLE PIE, apple, paint, screws (star head), 42x 44 x 5, 2010. Photo: M. Lee Fatherree. $18,000
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-9
    John McQueen (1994) JUST UNDER THE RECORD private Collection
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-10
    Rebecca Medel (2010) STAR MAP BOOTES III private collection
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-11
    Norma Minkowitz (2003) 35nm CHILD OF THE NIGHT, fiber and mixed media, 12" x 32" x 22", 2009, $18,000
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-12
    Jane Sauer (2002) DUSK private collection
  • ACC-Fellow-picture-13
    Carol Shaw-Sutton (2009) SPIRIT CANOE private colection

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kosonens stamp
On October. 15, 2009, President Barack Obama presented Yuai (fraternity), a wall piece by Kiyomi Iwata, to Prime Minister Hatoyama during a visit to Tokyo, Japan. "Yuai" is the motto of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. The piece, which was created in 2009, is 10x10", made of brass mesh and gold leaf. The edges are finished with French embroidery knots.



kosonen stamp

On November 2, 2007, a Joint stamp issue by the Finland and Hong Kong Postal Services was introduced featuring fine woodworking by skilled craftsmen from both countries. The Finnish stamp shows six curly birch bowls made by Markku Kosonen in which the grain is highlighted. The Hong Kong stamp features a Ch'ing Dynasty chair made of the now-extinct zitan hardwood tree. The First Day Cover features both the Finnish and the Hong Kong stamps cancelled with the first day postmark. The text on the FDC is in Engish and Chinese.
kosonens stamp

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The Green Issue
apple, grapevine, nails, wire, 58" x 68" x 3" 2008
Gyöngy Laky's work, GO And... has been selected for the Federal Art-in-Embassies Program as part of a two-year exhibition, "Art Across the Atlantic," at NATO Ambassador Ivo Daalder's official residence, Truman Hall, in Brussels.

In June, Type Directors Club (TDC 55) selected Gyöngy Laky's lettering for the New York Times Magazine, "The Green Issue," (April 2008) for a citation, their annual exhibition and Typography 30, This year’s competition saw a total of 1733 entries from 33 countries: of the total, 957 (55%) from the U.S. and 776 (45%) from other countries. Total work selected included 215 from 21 countries.


AID +1 Best New Product
Copenhagen International Furniture Fair
Grethe Sørenson Grethe Sorenson's
textile design
"Interferens" for
kravdat was
awarded the AID +1
Best New Product at the Copenhagen
International Furniture Fair in May 2007.

grethe sørenson
Master of the Medium
Norma Minkowitz has been selected by the James Renwick Alliance as one of five 2009 recipients of the prestigious Masters for the Medium award. The complete list of this year's award winners is: Ceramics - Warren MacKenzie; Fiber - Norma Minkowitz; Glass - Richard Marquis; Jewelry/Metalwork - June Schwarcz; Wood/Furniture - David Ellsworth.

Artists who are selected as Masters of the Medium have 1) demonstrated consummate craftsmanship, 2) influenced the designated medium, and 3) contributed to the craft field. Previous Masters of the Medium award winners include Lenore Tawney, Kay Sekimachi and Lia Cook.

The awards will be presented at the annual James Renwick Alliance Spring Craft Weekend on April 23-26, 2009. Norma Minkowitz and the other award winners will be speaking at a craft symposium on Saturday, April 25 at the Renwick Gallery of Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., jointly sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and the James Renwick Alliance. For more information, contact the Renwick Gallery at (202) 633-1000;

Norma Minkowitz
also received a 2008 Visual Artist grant in the category of Works on Paper from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

24 nm DAYDREAM 9
pen and ink
14" x 11", 2007

Pollock-Krasner Awards
Adela Akers, Randy Walker and Lena McGrath Welker have all received a Pollock-Krasner Awards for 2008. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation was established through the generosity of abstract expressionist Lee Krasner to provide financial assistance for individual visual artists of established ability. Ms. Welker has also awarded a second Oregon Arts Commission Artist Grant and a fifth Regional Arts and Culture Council grant for 2008.

11lmw GHOST STORIES by Lena McGrath Welker
ghost stories
Laura Thomas

Welsh Artist of the Year
-- Applied Arts -- 2008
Laura Thomas was selected the 2008 Welsh Artist of the Year in Applied Arts. The competition which is organized by Cardiff's St. David's Hall, honors the most innovative and talented Welsh-born artists working or living in Wales.

Laura Thomas Commissioned to Create the Ashes Vessel for the Australian Cricket Delegation
Laura Thomas was recently commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government in partnership with the Arts Council of Wales and Safle - public art Wales to design and make the Ashes Vessel, which was presented by the Welsh Assembly Minister for Sport, Alun Ffred Jones to Dr John Bannon, director of Cricket Australia, at a media reception at Cardiff Castle in June 2009. "Laura Thomas, an exceptional young artist, has created a stunning piece of work which is a fitting reminder of this momentous occasion for Wales," said says David Alston, Arts Director for Arts Council of Wales.

The vessel takes its inspiration from the spin of a cricket ball and will not only be a commemoration of the first test match to take place in Wales, but also a symbol of friendship between Wales and Australia. The vessel will then be displayed in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

This commission is the first piece of work that Thomas has made that moves away from her previous geometric forms into a more fluid aesthetic. The vessel which measures 55 x18cm, contains 33 taut, twisted hand-woven ribbons in gold Lurex and black cotton. As the ribbons cast their shadows on the surface below, the layered twists and turns have dramatic visual impact that changes as the viewer moves around the piece.

"The form of the piece seems suggestive to me of the flow of a closely-fought test match, says the Welsh Assembly Minister for Sport. "with high points at the beginning and end and with twists and turns throughout its course. In that way, I hope that it reflects this first test match in Wales and brings back fond memories of
the event for our Australian visitors."

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