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      Filling a Void:
my friend has
an empty wall!
Neha Puri Dhir(IN) 5npd Forest Fire Gy├Ângy Laky(US) 121L WouldWork,
124L Lefty Loosey,RightyTighty,,122L CanYou Hear Me Now? Micheline Beauchemin(CA) 5mb Gold Laugh
Blair Tate(US) 9bt Small Gemelli
Sara Brennan(UK) 42sb OldYellow Bands series IV
Mia Olsson(SE) 4mo Traces 4 Relief Toshio Sekiji(JP) 26ts Lacquered and Torn Hideho Tanaka(JP) 32ht Emerging 009 Deborah Valoma(US) 31dv Little White Lies Scott Rothstein(US) 23sr #79
Irina Kolesnikova(RU/DE) 7ik Photoatelier #7
Gali Cnaani(IL) 3gc Dots and Line
Chiyoko Tanaka(JP) 62cht Red Line Under White Stripes #668

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