Jiro Yonezawa

Structural discussion VI, Hisako Sekijima, cedar and walnut, 10.75" x 14.5" x 7", 2016, $4,400

Jiro Yonezawa Bamb oo sculpture

95jy Ecdysis, Jiro Yonezawa, bamboo and urishi laquer, 27” x 8” x 5.75”, 2019, $1,800

jiro yonezawa large bamboo sculptural basket

63jy Untitled, Jiro Yonezawa, bamboo, urushi lacquer, 55" x 19" x 19", 2005, $Call

Jiro Yonezawa

84jy Twister, Jiro Yonezawa, steel, bamboo, urushi lacquer, 13” x 30” x 5”, 2013, $2,600

jiro yonezawa large bamboo sculptural basket

59jy Red Heat Haze, Jiro Yonezawa, bamboo and thread, 100" x 13.5", 2004, $Call

Full image view on left, Detail image view on right

Jiro Yonezawa

81jy Eye, Jiro Yonezawa, bamboo, steel, urushi lacquer, 20” x 20” x 20”, 2014, $2,400

Jiro Yonezawa

82jy Thicket, Jiro Yonezawa, steel, bamboo, urushi lacquer,wood, 11.75" x17.25 x 9.5”, 2006, $3,800

Selected exhibitions:
Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, Wisconsin (Ceramic and Fiber: A New Generation); American Craft Museum, New York, New York (Basketmakers selected by John McQueen); Long House Reserve, East Hampton, New York (Small Works in Fiber curated by Jack Lenor Larsen and Mildred Constantine); Crafts Council, London, England (Contemporary International Basketmaking, traveling exhibit) California Crafts Museum, San Francisco, California; Bellevue Art Museum, Washington; LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, New York; Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri; Corvallis Art Center, Oregon; Springfield Museum, Oregon; The Mint Museum of Craft and Design, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Cotsen Bamboo Prize 2006

jiro yonezawa

64jy Ascension, Jiro Yonezawa, (#0610), bamboo, cedar root, cane, urushi lacquer, 22" x 7" x 7", 2006, $4,000

Bamboo basketry for me is an expression of detailed precision. In each basket there is the contrast of disciplined formality in technique and natural freedom in form. There is an element of intrigue and an element of complexity for what lies beyond form. These baskets represent a search for the beauty and precision in nature and a way to balance the chaos evident in these times.
                                Jiro Yonezawa

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