Large translucent basket sculptures

2-4bo Blue, Gray and Red Square, , driftwood, canvas, 27.5” x 27.5” x 2” each, 2022, $6,000

Baiba Osite wall hangings,

1bo City Walls, Baiba Osite, driftwood, canvas, 70" x 54" x 4.5", 2019

Driftwood Details

3mv Carinaria, Baiba Osite, canvas, 10" x 13.75" x 6" , 2022

Selected Collections: 

Latvian Ministry of Culture; Latvian Art Fund, Caricino Museum, Moscow, Russia. Exhibition venues: Tallinn, Estonia; Gdynia City Museum, Poland; Museum of Decorative Art & Design, Riga, Latvia; Cultural Center, Riga, Latvia; Madona Museum, Latvia; Contemporary Art Institute, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; UNESCO Hall Segur, Paris, France; Mustafa Kemal Culture Center, Istanbul, Turkey; Central Museum of Poland, Lodz; Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; Galerie Arielle d'Hauterives, Bruxelles, Belgium; Kultural Center, Riga, Latvia; City Council of Riga, Latvia; Beijing, China; (International Fiber Art Biennial, From Lausanne to Beijing); Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (Textil Art of Today Biennial); Madrid, Spain (World Textile Art Biennial);Kyoto, Japan (3rd International Textile Competitions); Timisoara, Romania (International Biennial of Miniature Arts); Beijing, China (Material Thinking: 1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennial).       


Mostly I work with different fiber materials such as - driftwood, glass beads, wire, metal spirals, wool and linen. Historically these materials were used in household textiles and I assign to them contemporary understanding and concept. In most cases various materials are sources of inspiration for me to create new works. My artwork is a form of recycling of waste including driftwood found on the seashore of the Baltic Sea. I have given this lifeless waste a second chance to live in a piece of art. The concept of my artwork is based on paradoxical game between human effort and striving to build protective walls to sustain the city in its wellbeing although "without the help of the Lord it is useless o build a home or to guard a city...".  /Ps. 127:1/.

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