Federica Luzzi

Keiji Nio 22kn Rough Sea of Sado, polyester, aramid fiber, 48.25” x 47.5”, 2016, $3,600

Keiji Nio

20kn Interlacing Blue, Keiji Nio , nylon , 7.5” x 13” x 11”, 2013, $1,700

Marian Bijlenga

14kn Interlacing Red, Keiji Nio, Large nylon fiber wall sculpture, 52" x 52" x 15.5”, 2004-2016, $12,000

Keiji Nio Interlacing

Interlacing-R, Keiji Nio, acrylic and wood, 39.5" x 43.25" x 12" 2002, $6,000

keiji nio 2

14kn Detail Large Interlacing-R

Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Musée de Angers, France and Textilmuseum, St. Gallen, Switzerland (5th - 9th International Triennials of Miniature Textiles); Savaria Museum, Szombathely, Hungary (8th International Biennial of Miniature Textiles); American Craft Museum, New York; Textile Museum, Washington, D.C.. (Interlacing: the Elemental Fabric); Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne , Switzerland (12th International Tapestry Biennial); Alden Biesen, Belgium , University of Art and Design Gallery , Helsinki, Finland (8th International Biennial of Miniature Textiles); Chugoku Modern Art Museum, Japan (Exhibition of Modern Best Art); Kyoto City Museum, Japan (International Textile Competition); Museum of Civilization, Québec, Canada (World of Miniatures); Fukuoka Asian Art Museum,Japan (Textile in Future Expression); Aiden Biesen, Belgium (Textile Miniature Works Contemporary Art Japan); Kakimori Bunko Museum, Japan (The Kakimori Bunko 25th Anniversary “BASHO"). Recipient: Silver Prize, Kyoto Contemporary Craft Competition; Excellence Prize, Kyoto Art and Craft Competition.

keiji nio 2

21kn Interlacing-Engine, polyester, 6” x 7.5” x 3”, 2015, $700
22kn Interlacing-Toaster, polyester, 6” x 7.5” x 3”, 2015, $700
23kn Interlacing-Headlight, polyester, 6” x 7.5” x 3”, 2015, $700

I work in the traditional technique of kumihimo. I used this technique to create a large white work for the 1985 International Biennial of Tapestry in Lausanne and, more recently, to create a small yellow work for the 2006 8th International Miniature Textile Triennial in Angers, France.

In my works, I combine industrial and natural materials. In Large Interlacing-R, have created three circles using yotugumi and yatsugumi in kumihimo technique to illustrate the themes “order," “chaos" and “uncertainty." Currently, I am at work on a large blue circle of tapes dyed in splashed pattern to express the theme “instability."

Keiji Nio