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Kaori Maki
Born: 1962, Toyama, Japan
kaori maki large textile 12km

Kaori Maki
70% malda and tassar silk,
30% wool, dyes/Indigo

260" x 22", 1998

maki silk scarf
Kaori Maki, malda and tassar silk, dyes/harad, indigo, 86" x 25", $380

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. Maki has worked with Jack Lenor Larsen (1988) and other textile designers. She joined the Maki Textile Studio in 1992.

Selected exhibition venues:
Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and in Japan, Germany and the United States.

kaori maki 11km

Kaori Maki
70% malda and tassar silk, 30% wool, dyes/harad

84" x 24", 1998
kaori maki12km Detail LARGE TASSAR SPUN SILK & WOOL

Weaving is a very natural movement for me, like reaching out to touch a flower. When I am prevented from weaving for any period of time, I realize on returning to my workshop how very much I love it, how much it is a part of my everyday life, and how the very process of weaving serves as meditation for me.

Sometimes the process of weaving for me begins with the material – I touch a material and I wish to weave a work made of it. Or, the process begins with an image – I see a beautiful landscape, or listen to a feeling very deep in my heart, and I wish to express that in my work. Or it may begin with an exploration of structure – a certain texture or sense of movement that I wish to create through my weaving. Or, the process may be spurred by color. I find that choosing amongst colors and touching various colored yarns is almost play, and that may explain why I mix many colors when making my warp.
                                                                                                             Kaori Maki

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