Dawn MacNutt
Praise North and South

Dawn MacNutt
35dm Praise South, inflorescence and reed, 19.5” x 5.5” x 3.5,” 2007, $2,000 (sold)
47dm Praise North, willow, 24.75”x 13”x 5.5,” 2018, $2,000

Dawn Macnutt figurative sculpture

46dm Shades of Green, Dawn Macnutt, twined, willow, paint, 63.75" x 23" x 20", 2008, $8,000

Dawn MacNutt

22dm Timeless Form II, Dawn MacNutt, willow & seagrass, 72.5" x 32" x 21", $8,000

27dm Timeless Form I, Dawn MacNutt, willow & seagrass, 50" x 22" x 22", $7,000

Dawn MacNutt

41dm Intimacy, Dawn MacNutt, woven enamelled copper wire, 9"x 8" x 7", 1990's, $1,500

Full image view on left, Detail image view on right


21dm Timeless Figure, Dawn MacNutt, bronze, 51", x 21", 2004, $59,000

Dawn MacNutt

38dm Summer Stroll, Dawn MacNutt, twined willow, paint, 60" x 14" x 14", 2009, $6,000

Full image view on left, Detail image view on right

macNutt Mother & Child

39dm , Mother, & Child, Dawn MacNutt, twined willow, 36" x 9" x 9", 91.5cm x 23cm x 23cm, 2009, $3,000

Full image view on left, Detail image view on right



23-27dm Return to Delos, Dawn MacNutt, bronze, willow & seagrass, from 50" - 82" (H), 2004, willow and seagrass forms , $6,000-$8,000, bronzes , $51,000-$68,000


7dm Seated Figure 1, Dawn MacNutt, woven copper wire & dyed sisal, 14", x 4.5" x 6", 2002, $1,000

Selected collections and exhibition venues:
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada (Survivors in Search of a Voice,traveling exhibition); LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, New York; Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (All the Ancients Walk Inside Us, solo exhibition); American Craft Museum, New York, New York (Fiber: Five Decades); Riddeau Hall, Ottawa (Canadiana Collection); Cheongju, Korea (Unity and Diversity, International Craft Biennial); Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington; Burlington Art Centre, Ontario, Canada (solo exhibition); Central Art Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland (12th International Biennial of Tapestry); Szombathely, Hungary (7th International Biennial of Miniature Textiles); Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto (All Terrain: Outdoor Sculpture 2001, 2003, 2004); Musée Marsil de St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada (Dimensions, two-person show); Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa (traveled to Old Fields; New Paths, World’s Fair, Japan); Nova Scotia Art Bank, Canada; Children’s Hospital, Halifax, Canada; Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (Legacy Collection).

MacNutt Bronze

28dm Sleepless Night, Dawn MacNutt, bronze, 8", x 11" x 12", 1992, $4,000

Through many years of working, the way of creating my sculptures has changed, but two things remain constant: The work is inspired by human form; and it derives from weaving. The forms are irregular and more universal than specifics I hope they reflect the beauty of human frailty.
Dawn MacNutt

Dawn MAcNutt Caring

In a video by Bruce Murray, Dawn MacNutt discusses Caring, the bronze sculpture she created for the 100th Anniversary of Children's Hospitals in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

photo courtesy of Peter Barss and Bruce Murray

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