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Virginia Kaiser
1945 - 2013, Sydney, Australia

Virginia Kaiser 2vk
Virginia Kaiser
pine needles, xanthorrhea, stitched with linen
15" x 6" x 6", 2011
virginia kaiser 1vk
Virginia Kaiser
pine needles, Emu feathers, stitched with linen
14" x 5" x 5", 2011
virginia kaiser 3vk
Virginia Kaiser
washingtonian palm sheaths stitched with linen, red river gum
39.25" (h), 2009

Photo by Boris Hlavica
Permanent Collections::
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; Australian Museum, Sydne; Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra Australia; Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia; Ararat Regional Art Gallery (Permanent Textile Collection), Australia; Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia; Sturt Permanent Collection, Mittagong, Australia; Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales (Meroogal & Susannah Place), Australia; Alice Springs Craft Acquisition, Australia; Victorian State Craft Collection, Australia; University of Wollongong Art Collection Australia; Baker & McKenzie, Solicitors, Australia; Aleco Vrisakis & Co, Solicitors, Sydney, Australia; The Reef Casino Hotel, Cairns, Australia.
Private Collections in Australia, UK, Japan, USA, India, New Guinea, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Holland and Italy.
International Exhibitions:
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK (Collect); Bali, Yojyakarta, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia (Tracking Cloth; traveling exhibtion); Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois (Craft Australia; SOFA 2005); Australian, Embassy, Tokyo, Japan (Australian Crafts for Tea Ceremony, 1997, 1998); Craft Alliance, St. Louis, Missouri (New Baskets: Expanding the Concept); World Crafts Council Assembly, Tehran, Iran (Crafts of the Asian Region). Auckland Museum (New Zealand 2nd New Zealand Crafts Biennale).
virginia kaiser
DARK STRANGER Virginia Kaiser, Detail
My work has always been about the landscape and the people who inhabit the land in which I live, whether it is the colors, textures, forms, seasons, what we are doing to it by our presence, the natural phenomenona such as willy willys or ancient markings upon it. All these things filter through our subconscious and I am constantly referencing this information and questioning its origins.

Since moving to Broken Hill in Outback New South Wales, Australia five years ago my work has shifted considerably and expanded to fill this landscape. Current pieces reflect the colors and the forms of this amazing country that I find so stimulating.

The vastness, the crystal clearness, the red dirt and so much sky, I find inspiring and uplifting. To stand on the edge of the Mundi Mundi plain and look out at the horizon and almost see the curve of the earth brings things back into perspective for me. The heat of the summer when everything shimmers, the quiet beside the Darling River at Wilcannia or Menindee creates a calming effect. All these things I hope are reflected in my work.

A lot of the materials I now use in my pieces come from my immediate environment, from friends, collected on walks around the town and my own garden. The connection to the landscape through the collection and preparing of these materials, as each suggests its own form, reflects the country where I live.
virginia kaiser

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