Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson
20tj Keeping Time Basket - Dark Cyperus
split rust dyed Cyperus stems, hemp string, 15” x 18” x 16”, 2021, $5,000

20tj Keeping Time Basket - Light Cyperus
split Cyperus stems, hemp string
14” x 18” x 15”, 2021, $5,000

Tim Johnson

17-19tj Three Dishes, Tim Johnson
willow, hemp string, earth pigments, crushed olive stones, 2018
1.75” x 11.625” x 12.125” 2.125” x 13” x 13” 1.75” x 13” x 12.625”
$1,100 each

Tim Johnson

13ki Curve VI, Tim Johnson white willow, sisal, earth pigments, 12.5 x 13” x 14.5” 2019, $3,200

Tim Johnson

12tj Liminal, Tim Johnson, esparto grass, recycled braided fishing line , 44” x 36.5” x 3”, 2018, $12,400

Tim Johnson

11tj Nomad’s Fold, Tim Johnson,
arundo cane, willow and walnut husk dyed sisal
, 17.75” x 27.5” x 15.75”, 2017

Tim Johnson

8jt Keeping Time Basket: Salt Rush, Tim Johnson
reedmace, 10" x 15" x 15"

Tim Johnson Keeping Time Basket

6tj Keeping Time Baskets, Tim Johnson
small oval: rush, 8.75" x 12.25" x 10.5", 2015, $2,200

Tim Johnson Keeping Time

Selected collections and exhibition venues: Museum of Pauma, Mas de Barberans, Catalonia, Spain; Frilandmuseet, Lolland, Denmark; Arts Council of Northern Ireland (permanent collection); Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland (permanent collection); Wicker and Hop Museum, New Tomysl, Poland; New England Regional Art Museum, New South Wales, Australia (permanent collection); Vissingaard Willow and Basketry Museum, Denmark (permanent collection); Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; National Vlechtmuseum, Noorwolde, the Netherlands; Hove Museum, Brighton and Hove, UK (East Weaves West, traveling exhibition); Hop Kilns Heritage Centre, Isle of Wight, UK (Invisible Pathways); Reventlow Park, Lolland, Denmark; Open Air Museum, Maribo, Denmark; Earagail Arts Festival, Donegal, Ireland, UK (Landscape works 1993-2013; I am here now, solo exhibition); Ruthin Craft Centre, UK (Baskets, catalog exhibition); Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde, Denmark; Cecil Sharp House, London, UK; Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich, UK (Basketry: Making Human Nature).

First Prize: Contemporary, V and VII Contest of International Vegetable Fibers, Museum of Pauma, Mas de Barberans, Catalonia, Spain; First Prize: Contemporary, XV Fira International Basketmaking Competition, Salt, Catalonia, Spain; Second Prize: Contemporary, II Swiatowy Festiwal Wikliny i Plecionkarstwa, Nowy Tomysl, Poland.

1tj ‘Keeping Time’ Baskets


“Making stuff takes time - gathering, rummaging, collating and selecting - this may be material grown, harvested or salvaged - from field and wetland, from urban fringe or seashore. It may also be ideas - sifting through experience and teachings, ideas thought and discarded, later to resurface with unexpected connections. Creativity, it seems, takes even longer - hard graft and sore fingers lead to knowledge and occasionally a worthy idea for further exploration”