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Linda Green
Born: 1955, Glascow, Scotland

linda green 4lg DEPTH OF FIELD
Linda Green
stitch collage, paper, oil cloth, lycra, archival tape, tapestry
21.125 " x 21", 2002

Linda Green
knot stitch, horsehair,
acrylic sheet
20.75" x 20.625", 2002
linda green 2lg WEBSITE
Linda Green
linen, paper pulp,
found papers, stitching,
23.625" x 22.875" x 1" 1997

linda green DETAIL
Linda Green
eucalyptus leaves, plastic thread,
paper pulp
23.6258" x 22.875" x 1", 1997
linda green detail3lg detail CHINESE WHISPERS
Selected exhibition venues:
Nagoya Art and Industry Center, Japan (5th In Our Hands exhibit); Young Artists Studio, Budapest, Hungary; Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; Dublin, Ireland (Fibre '88); Bratislava, Czechoslovakia; Museum of the Region of Liptov, Czechoslovakia (2nd International Textile Symposium); Lozere, France (La Jeune Tapisserie en Ecosse); Warwick Arts Trust, London, England; Gallery Beni, Kyoto, Japan (solo exhibit)
linda green detail1lg detail EUCALYPTUS LACE
Travel and response to particular places provide inspiration and departure points for my ideas. Consideration of context strongly influences the content of my work. I explore textile and paper structure and the close relationship they have to each other. I am interested in the point where elements connect and fabrics form. “Drawing" directly with materials builds a surface that unites disparate elements, integrating idea and the process of making. The resulting “fabrics" document information specific to a time or place.
                                                                                                Linda Green


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