Polly Barton

8pb Thistledown, Polly Barton, handwoven double ikat with Japanese silk warp and Japanese silk wrapped around a metal core, 41” x 31” x 1.125”, 2016, $8,000


Polly Barton

7pb Blue Veil, Polly Barton
handwoven double ikat in 2 panels. Framed in a gold leaf shadow box, 34” x 34”, 2000, $8,000

Polly Barton
4pb Continuum I, II, III
silk, double ikat
19” x 52” x 1.75,” 2018

4pb Continuum I, II, III, Polly Barton, silk, double ikat, 19” x 52” x 1.75,” 2018, $6,000
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Polly Barton

1pb Synapse, Polly Barton, silk, double ikat, 56” x 31”, 2016, $14,000

Polly Barton

2pb Fertile Ground
Silk Ikat with dye painted warp, and silk and metallic thread weft, 41.5” x 31”, 2016

photo by Wendy McEahern

Polly Barton

3pb Sirocco, pictorial Ikat woven in 3 panels (21” x 17” each) 30" x 60”, 2003

Polly Barton studied with master weaver, Tomohiko Inoue at the Oomoto Foundation in Kameoka, Japan where she also practiced tea ceremony, calligraphy and Noh Drama with Oomoto’s master teachers.

Selected exhibition venues:
The Textile Museum, Washington D.C (Sourcing the Museum); Denver Art Museum, Colorado; Penland School of Crafts, North Carolina; Shumei Arts Council, Pasadena, California;  San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, California (Visible Presence); Chicago Cultural Center, Illinois (Material Difference: Soft Sculpture and Wall Works); Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts (Threads on the Edge: The Daphne Farago Fiber Art Collection); University Art Gallery, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces; Oomoto Alumni Art Exhibition, Kameoka, Japan.

Permanent collections:

Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina; Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts; LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, New York; the Guido Goldman Ikat Collection, New York, New York; Oomoto Foundation, Kameoka, Japan; Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York, New York; Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California; Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York, New York; Community Hospital Foundation of the Monterey Peninsula, California.

1pb Synapse, Polly Barton, silk, double ikat detail

To greet the day, I weave. I weave to find my gesture. I weave to regain solitude. I weave to discover the texture of the day. I weave to build shimmering color in layers of dyed silk threads. I weave to find the thread of understanding. I weave because it connects me to the world of weavers. I weave pulled along the threads of history and tradition. I weave to break tradition. I weave happily when I have a dye pot simmering on the stove. I weave to keep my brain nimble. I weave for joy and inspiration. I weave in sadness. I weave to feel calm. I weave listening to the birds sing).

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