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March 4, 2011

Dear Editor:

Paper holds a powerful place in the history of human interaction, marking milestones with birth certificates, marriage licenses and diplomas. maintaining our collective memory through diaries, historic documents and books and managing our financial exchanges as currency.

This May and June, the Flinn Gallery at the Greenwich Public Library in collaboration with browngrotta arts of Wilton, Connecticut, will celebrate paper in another guise – as a medium for art. More than 30 international artists will present work inspired by and created from paper. In the works featured in Paperworks: material as medium, paper has been stitched and plaited, carved and stacked, formed into pulp to be remolded while newspapers, telephone books and dress patterns have been repurposed as vessels and sculpture.

Several area artists are featured in Paperworks: material as medium, including Pat Campbell of Maine, Lewis Knauss of Pennsylvania, Wendy Wahl of Rhode Island and Norma Minkowitz of Connecticut. Any one of them would make for an interesting portrait. The diversity of work in the exhibit, which ranges from framed woven maps to a free-standing arch made of encyclopedia pages, to a softly lit sphere of nearly translucent gampi paper, is another story with which we can assist by providing access to the artists, more information and more high-resolution images.

A link to a press release with more details is below. Thank you in advance for covering Paperworks: material as medium in your publication.


Kelly Eberly, Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Public Library

Barbara Richards, Flinn Gallery, Greenwich Public Library

Rhonda Brown, browngrotta arts

Tom Grotta, browngrotta arts

For more information, contact Tom at:

203.834.0623; 203.762.5981 (fax)

press release pdf




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